" Gantunglah azam dan semangatmu setinggi bintang di langit dan rendahkan hatimu serendah mutiara di lautan "

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

School Break

Salam n hye every1 !!!

2day, we are going to have our holiday 4 a week, same like schools..

after that, i'll go to Kedah 4 PBS with echah n ain.. and stay there 4 a week at zati's


as my ro0mate (ciape 2??) n i share the same 'habit' (kuat makan heee >_<),

she plans to go to the soooo many food stalls and restaurants

that prepared the delicious n tasty Kedah's food. (6t hbs pbs,, gedempol laa kami..huuu).

i hope i'll learn something new during my pbs,,

n get a lot of sweet memories with my beloved buddies..:) InsyaAllah..

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