" Gantunglah azam dan semangatmu setinggi bintang di langit dan rendahkan hatimu serendah mutiara di lautan "

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

He and She that inspire me.. The most!

My life starts with a wonderful such big family.. Even there was lil hard for our life as my lovely father was only a vegetables seller, we continue our life with great feeling, urmm kinda sense of love..i guess.
However, i was taken by my beloved grandparents to stay with them. Untill i'm in secondary school, after Form Six (SMKA Sultan Zainal Abidin), i had to 'take emergency leave' as a student because of my grandfather have passed away. i need to work for myself for sure and for my grandma plus my lil brother, Sobahul Khairi... i had to say goodbye for university or any college as can't afford for it.. for my lil brother, i spend my money for him and let he continues his study at Maktab Perguruan Kota Bharu. well, i'm glad now as he becomes such good teacher.. even i only work as a seller today, but i am very glad as all of my siblings becomes such good person with good works.. most of them becomes a teacher and lecturer, also some of them had continued their study at overseas. Alhamdulillah... i hope all of my children will be such great person 'fi al-dunya wa al-akhirah'....amin...


*very sorry for grammatically error..heee

*maybe i forget to tell u that the story is about my such great father to me...
*u had inspired me long time ago to try my best to be a such great daughter that will give u credit for Jannah... 
 *also thanked to God as giving my father such independent, clever and nice daughters and sons..i guess! >_<

*mak pun sama..terpaksa tolak tawaran jd cikgu kat satu universiti..sebab?? toki a.k.a atuk also can't afford for it,, sebab tu lah ayah dan mak selalu pesan belajar sungguh2,, x nak peluang yang ada menjadi sia-sia.. nak tengok anak2 semua brjaya.. selalu pesan supaya selalu merendah diri..jgn suka tunjuk yg kita tahu macam-macam..biarlah kita dianggap orang biase2 shj..itu lbh baik :)