" Gantunglah azam dan semangatmu setinggi bintang di langit dan rendahkan hatimu serendah mutiara di lautan "

Sunday, November 14, 2010


i have finished my exam today..hooray!! i hope all of the dynamic members will get a great result..InsyaAllah..

however,,it's mean that 2day is the last day i am a PPISMP student..

we r going home for having our semester break...

when turn back  here next year,,we will be the PISMP students..so, we must take more serious                       

in our study..ooo..>_< i feel quit nervous to 'jump' into PISMP,,it's quite funny, right?? haha..

all of the moments that i had with dynamic members will always in my mind.. ^_^

                                            dynamic will always be together.. :) insyaAllah..

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