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Saturday, November 13, 2010

dinamik oh dinamik..

 In the way that we are taking our path.. to have a straight walk,, it is not as easy as ABC... I sit on my chair and my fingers start for typing something.. tadaaa!!!

I looking back at my past times. when i was in primary school, i really want to be a teacher. i felt very interested when i saw my teachers were really diligent and give a great commitment in their teaching.. now, i feel very elated and blissful because i am one of the students in IPG KDRI..^_^.. i thanked to Allah..
however,,what was surprising me when i knew that i am being accepted here is i'll be taking PE as my major subject!! believe it or not?? believe it..>_<

the first semester of PPISMP and untill now,, i tried my hard to get well among my classmates..hee.. it is not too easy for me as   i am very shy to speak with the guys especially...it's quite funny, right?  however,, i believe dat by the time passes,, i will able to get well with dynamic members.. actually, our bonding are really strong.. i love all of the  dynamic members..

actually, we have a great tutor, Tn. Hj. Abu Zarin bin Abu Bakar. he is a hospitable, caring, kind and all of the great values can be described to him...that is how great my tutor is..^_^. he always by our side and lends his ears for us.. we called him as abah.. tqvm abah..

                                                                  our beloved abah:)

by taking PE subject,, i feel happy as i always do the activities that i never done before,,even they are sometimes quite hard for me to do.. but,,it is very great to explore the sports, and of course the nature.. introduction in hiking, kayaking, camping, abseiling, gymnastic, sports,, and... swimming will be coming soon are very interesting..:)

i hope i'll gain my knowledge to be applied in daily life especially in my life with my students,, InsyaAllah..

<may Allah bless all of us>



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