" Gantunglah azam dan semangatmu setinggi bintang di langit dan rendahkan hatimu serendah mutiara di lautan "

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Having the most popular Nasi Kerabu near Aniss Chalet with all of Dinamik members before back to my room.

Nobody here!
Right now, Selly is having a camp in Kuantan. Alone in my room. Feeling unwell...urmmm boring, kinda!
wanna reward myself by having something i like :)

****actually nak tengok movie anime,,tapi lupa nak ambik dari Tenten.. :'(****

So start to read this book again :)

Best! ^^,
Reading this book make me feel much more better in my yellow world, i guess!

(actually,,this evening will hv a test for EDU paper..well, i don't think to R.E.R.E.A.D all of the notes..............Miahahaha *_*v)

If Selly is here...we will laugh kuat2 together...x de la bosan sangat..heee

Mungkin ni la yang Selly rasa when i'm not here for having my practicum.
Sebab tu la kot i always got this every time i leave this room for school about two n three months in my second and third practicum..

I saw this when i came back after i had done my second practicum^^,

Got this after having my third practicum..^_^

Really make me fell like wanna cry...
All of this really touched my heart!

Selly :: InshaAllah Selly akan sentiasa ada dalam doa Kak Mira.. Harap dapat manfaatkan dan luangkan  masa yang tinggal cuma sedikit ini bersama-sama :)


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