" Gantunglah azam dan semangatmu setinggi bintang di langit dan rendahkan hatimu serendah mutiara di lautan "

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oh, hye!!! welcome back my dear_^

salam wbt...:)
exam is just around the corner!! 
feeling great!! ~just kidding!~ urghh
will date with my 'lovely' above stuffs for hundred times after this..hihiiii
very hard for dis semester,,maybe for someone like me!hohooo
hope will maintain the pointer!
may Allah ease and bless... aamiiiiin~


  1. First visit and follow ur blog dy. All the best to you for your exam.

  2. oh hye!!
    thanks for visiting n following my blog..
    thanks a lot for the wishes :)